Dress Up your Guest Room

Having a guest room used to be a basic feature of many homes. With the economy, some families aren’t able to have this luxury. Perhaps this year is the time to clean it out and get it arranged if you do have an additional room and it has ended up being the storage room. You might have a little additional time with hours being cut from your work schedule.

It can be a frustrating job, however it can be accomplished if you just commit a little time every day or week depending on your schedule.

You need to find some little touches to make your guest room comfortable and that can really be fun. Keep a list in your car or purse of the products that you would like to include in your guest bed room. Another way to add to your treasure hunt finds and enhance the guest room is with vinyl wall decals.

Guest bed room decorating should be pretty standard so that you can appeal to the range of guests that may stay there. Your Uncle may come by for a couple of days, or your niece might want to stay during summertime. What a much better way to enjoy your household and provide them a special and comfortable location to stay and feel comfy within your family home.

A very safe add on would be vinyl words. You can get a wall quote cut in a neutral color or perhaps an accent color and if you pick a motivational quote maybe your guest can take with them a new sense of peace or inspiration. Another neutral type of vinyl wall decal would be a tree or branch, nature always appears to provide a sense of calm to people and it will certainly enhance your guests comfort level. Your guests might enjoy their temporary room so much they will not want to leave. (Okay you may not want to make them feel that good!)

Unlike your guests, your vinyl wall decals can be gone whenever you want to make a change. You might need to make this into a brand-new child’s room or your mother’s room at some time in your life. You can quickly eliminate your wall decals and set up something brand-new for its new resident.